Biggest Sports Betting Wins In History

As various sports leagues reach the midway point of their seasons, many sports bettors in Singapore are now adjusting their betting strategies based on recent results of their favorite teams or players. Not only does it will help maximize their betting options, but it will also increase their chances of winning extra dollars.

Although many gamblers view Singapore sport bet as a platform to earn a little money while showing support for their favorite teams, there are times where a gambler can hit the bullseye and win a massive amount of cash. Simple betting options like goal-based and team-based wagers are not enough to bring in tons of earnings. Looking for sportsbooks, like cmdbet, that offer parlays and jackpots will significantly increase the chances of going home with a lump sum of money.

Many punters also take their chances by betting on various bookmakers by taking advantage of the different odds offered. However, not everyone has enough money to do this. So here are some of the biggest wins in sports betting history that will show that it is possible to earn millions with a minimum bet.

In February of 2008, salesman Fred Craggs took his chances by placing 50 pence ($0.62) bet on an eight-leg parlay in William Hill. He put his wager on various horse races worldwide, which gave him total earnings of more than $1.2 million. Apart from Craggs, another anonymous British gambler from Leicestershire took home more than $1 million. This is a result of a €19 five-leg horse racing parlay wager in 2017.

Apart from these colossal horse racing wins, another bettor from Malta has waged on a 19-fold accumulator with odds of +68373800. A mere $1 bet for Liverpool’s winning goal against Chelsea has turned into almost $750 000 in earnings for the anonymous gambler.

To learn more about the other biggest wins in sports betting history, check this infographic from CM2Bet.